A point and click adventure

Coming 2025

From the creators of Lucy Dreaming comes Heir of the Dog, a hilariously British pixel-art point & click adventure set in dark, Victorian London.

After drinking his uncle's secret formula, Cummerbund Bandersnatch undergoes a monstrous transformation. Solve intriguing puzzles, manipulate time, find love and uncover the truth behind London's most secret society as you help Bandersnatch regain his humanity.

Demo out now

Take a night-time stroll around the local park, take in a show at "Giuseppe Mitchell's Famous Travelling Louse Circus" or enjoy a fat-encrusted delight from Mrs Figgins' pie shop as you attempt to mix the antidote to your uncle's experimental formula. Just watch your back at the local barbers!

The demo is the perfect introduction to the world of Cummerbund Bandersnatch with high-quality art, hilarious dialogue and a promise of what's yet to come.

Play the demo on Steam | Play the demo on GOG

An origin story

Back in 2020, we created a short adventure game in under two weeks, for a game jam competiton. In that time, we developed a fully-voiced point & click adventure called Hair of the Dog.

We released it on Steam, Itch.io, iOS and Android and, since then, it has been enjoyed by over tens of thousands of players worldwide.

We parked the concept while we worked on developing our first commercial title, Lucy Dreaming, which has enjoyed awards and critical acclaim since its release in 2022.

Now we're returning once again to the fog-smothered streets of London town to expand the world of Cummerbund Bandersnatch and his peculiar condition.